With more than 10 years of research, knowledge, and dedication to helping people become confident public speakers, We have compiled the most effective public speaking lessons into this simple at-home speaking training program.


The program is broken down into basic skills and tasks that are required to become a confident public speaker. Each section has easy to follow instructions, resources and support


Most public speaking programs or organizations require weeks or months of attending meetings, siting through other speakers before you get time to improve your public speaking. The main program is self-paced and can be completed in 1 week.


This system has been proven to be effective whether you’re a beginner or a pro. You will actually see the dramatic change that occurs after you complete each task. The results will be very obvious. We believe in the program so much that we offer a 110% money back guarantee.

The Secret of Public Speaking

We have one system that will match your skills if you are a beginner or a seasoned professional.

Success Stories

Introducing our team

These are the people and ideas that brought this program to life

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Joe Meyers


Joe grew up stuttering, stammering and fearful of even the smallest crowd. After getting frustrated by the other systems to teach public speaking, he went on a mission to change how it's done. After his study he developed The Secret of Public Speaking. Using this system, Joe has become a national speech competitor and paid public speaker.

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Tim Ferriss


*Tim Ferris has yet to promote this system*. This program was heavily influenced by using the system of efficiency outlined in Tim's three New York Times Best Sellers. Tim has self-admitted that he still struggles with public speaking.

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BETA team

Proven method

This program has been tested, revised and perfected using a large group of volunteers. These volunteers are business owners, executives, associates, entrepreneurs and college students.

Do you need training for a large group?

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